You Can be Anything (singer, actress, dancer) | Soverykristi show with ‘Chloee Rae’

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Hello Everyone! and welcome back to #soverykristi, beauticians, and musicians. And today we have a musician on the show. With me, I have my partner Gens Johnson on the show. She is an awesome transformational coach. We will make so much fun on the show.
So let me revile the name of the guest on my show today. She is a 10-year-old triple threat (#singer, #actress, #dancer) ‘Chloee Rae’. She is best known for her West Texas charm, her veteran like stage presence, and her ability to capture the crowd. Listen to the show as we are going to discuss her achievements at a Young age. She is an inspiration to all and leaving her mark on the world. The main motivation of Chloee as a #childartist is ‘YOU CAN BE ANYTHING’.

Also at the end today I will sing a Christmas song with Chloee.

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