Unraveling the Myths about Spray Tanning

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Today show is about unraveling the myths about spray tanning. We will be discussing the do’s and dont’s of spray tanning and how to get a customized beautiful tan for your special event!

I love to share any great findings that I discover along the way. I have been a part of the beauty industry for 30 years and have seen a lot of trends come and go….. I feel it is my duty to provide not only the best services in my own salon but also find and refer my friends, family and clients to the BEST of the BEST whether it’s plastic surgery, skin rejuvenation lasers or spray tanning.

That’s where my show BEAUTICIANS and MUSICIANS comes in!!
I’ m able to have all types of people in the beauty industry on my show as well as musicians around the Dallas area and beyond!!!

Also, Listen to my song for the Soul this week is “All of Me” by John Legend.

Do watch the complete podcast and enjoy the show.

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Everything You Want to Know About Lashes!

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Lashes always look beautiful over the eyes. The perfect lashes enhance the make-up for any women. On this show here I have the amazing guest over here, Lash Artist and Owner at Lash Reverie’ located in Plano Tx inside Ovation Boutiques Salon ‘Amanda Naomi’.

Amanda is able to customize your lashes to accentuate and perfectly fit the shape of your eyes. She has a very high standard for lash care and maintaining the health of your lashes. She is great at what she does and provides a very relaxing environment with the most comfortable chair so that you can relax and enjoy!

Welcome back to so very Kristi the beautician and musician show. My name is Kristi Phillips with my co-host Gens Johnson. You will know here make-up tips from makeup artist Dallas, Texas.

Do watch the complete podcast and enjoy the show.

As usual I used to close my show with a song. Listen my song for the soul.

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3 Ways to Enhance your Beauty || #SoVeryKristi with ‘Amanda Peterson’

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Hello everyone!! and welcome back to the show #SoVeryKristy. I am Kristi Phillips your show host with my co-host ‘Gens Johnsons’. On the show, we have lots of beauticians and musicians, today. If you have any beauty tips write down this on the comment section. You know I like to read those. The people have great ideas and I am looking & I am watching so you make a comment.

On this show today I will introduce the beautician and aesthetician ‘Amanda Peterson’. On the show, Amanda will tell us “3 Ways to Enhance your Beauty“.

Watch the complete show, we have lots of beauty tips today.

At the there is Song for the Soul by Carrie Underwood called “Love Wins“. I am very much love to sing this song.

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An Inspirational journey of Campbell Crates – From Songwriter to Performer

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On this show of So Very Kristi, we welcome a very talented guest Campbell Crates to talk about her musical journey. Campbell is a sixteen year old singer, songwriter and actress who also enjoys performing stand-up comedy.

Her boundless energy and infectious laugh definitely distinguish her, as do the entertaining stories and perspectives she shares with fans through the lyrics of her soul music. She writes a lot of her songs to go along with her piano playing, but also really enjoys the ukulele and guitar.

During the show, she discuss about how she is handling Hollywood, a singing career, school, friends and family! She also sang her brand new single on the show!

And there is a kristiology tip also for you. Kristiology Tips of the Week is :-

• How to teach your child to floss their teeth.

Do watch this amazing podcast and enjoy!!

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Recap of Guests in the month of July

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This episode of So Very Kristi show is an overview of each of the podcast published in the previous month. This episode will give you an overview of the guest, the main topics of discussion, and some of the key ideas of the previous episodes.
In today’s show, I also did a recap of the amazing products for you, whether it is EHT Supplements for your brain and eyepatches for your lazy eye. I talked about the the every product of previous episodes that can be proven beneficial for your day to day life. And at the end of the show, there is a Song for the Soul for you. Today’s special song is “My Church.”

Listen to this amazing podcast now and enjoy!

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