Releasing Music/Career | Singer Songwriter ‘Ashton Edminster’

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Hello Everyone! and welcome back to beauticians and musicians with #soverykristi and Gens. I am also a Hairdresser and singer in Dallas. I have my salon named KP Salon.
Also, I am so excited to have the amazing Ashton Edminster on the show. This young artist is a singer/songwriter and has already had songs that top the charts! She has the quality to become voices of Dallas/Dallas voice.
At age 11 Ashton began her music adventure, She wanted to be a Pop Princess. “Music is really such a part of me I can’t imagine doing anything else.” She started writing lyrics about what is going on in her life or what she feels someone else going through.

You will love this show very much because Ashton and me going to sing many songs.

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So Very Kristi Show with “Kaylee Franzen”

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Hello! and welcome to the show So Very Kristy. I am Kristi Phillips your show host. I am so exited about today. It’s gonna be a blast and first I want to introduce my co-host and really great friend Gens Johnson. She is a transformational leader and she facilitates a mastermind that I am part of which we are gonna talk about her.

We had some great thing today. I would like to introduce my guest “Kaylee Nicole”. She is an amazing singer eighteen years old. She is very talented. She is gonna be singing a song for us today and we just heard it.
Kaylee will be singing live on the show “Best Part”.

At the last, there is a Song for the Soul “Butterfly”.

Do watch this amazing podcast.

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Live show on “Never Stop Developing” with Evelyn Cui

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On this show, we welcome a very talented guest Evelyn Cui for you to talk about her work as a pianist. She is a classical pianist and extraordinary teacher too! During the show, she discuss how she came to music, followed her passion, and achieve it. And she has a special advice for all of you who want to grow their career in music. With the all chit-chat, there is a lots more stuff on this show.
Have you ever felt like you just don’t have enough energy throughout the day? So, this week kristiology tip is for you. And in last, there is a song for the soul. This song is very close to my heart.

Listen to this amazing and enjoy!

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