Recap of Guests in the month of September

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Hello everyone and welcome back to so very Kristi.

We just like to have lots of fun and every week we’ll have a guest and this week is our recap. We like to you know promote everyone again talk about what makes them unique and in case you misses it, you can go back and watch the three shows that we did this week.

Every week I will be bringing you some Kristiology which is my tip of the week. It could be hair makeup, health tips, and it could be dog tips.

In this show, there are three segments.

In the 1st segment, there are Kristiology tips and they are:

i) Featured Product of the Month.
ii) Nerium’s
iii) Double Cleansing Botanical Face Wash

In the 2nd segment, this is the recap of all the guests as:

Guest 1: My Mom -Donnie Phillips

Guest 2: Avonlea “Ranch to Runway”

Guest 3: Cathy Kilpatrick -Splankna Practioner

In the last segment, there is a Song for the Soul.

So, Do watch this amazing podcast and enjoy and take the benefit of Kristiology tips and listen to the song.

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