About So Very Kristi

I have been hairdresser and singer in Dallas now for 30 years. I am always developing my skills as a hairdresser and as a singer. I am an advocate for great health and personal development in every way.

I’ve always known I have two passions. The other one is definitely singing. I cannot live, breath or do anything without music. I began my journey with music at the age of 7 and when I moved to Dallas to work in the salon, I also went to college and majored in music performance. After college I went on to perform in a couple of bands and worked with Linda Septien, one of the top vocal coaches in the nation. Little did I know Linda would be so instrumental in my musical journey now. Life is funny that way!

Kristiology Tips

I love to give people tips on many things from hair, makeup, lashes, healthy recipes and working out. No matter what it is, I give these tips with love! I call those tips “Kristiology“.

Tips to color your hair using “Style edit”

How to strengthens hair & protects against colour fade using
“Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash”

Live Shows


Catch So Very Kristi live every Monday, 2PM Central time on On-Airmedia, Facebook and Youtube


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How to strengthens hair & protects against colour fade using “Kevin Murphy Balancing Wask
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