About SoVery Kristi

As a child I used to spend several weeks in the summer at my grandmother Gertie's beauty salon in Shawnee Ok. I loved the pink lace comb-out capes and the smell of the beauty salon! I could be entertained for hours putting brush rollers in Uncle Ed's hair, boy was he patient!!! I began my passion for hair and Makeup at the age of 15 when I decided to attend Beauty School while finishing high school. At 17 I went on to continue my education and work at "A Head of its Time" in Dallas Tx.

I've always known I have two passions. The other one is definitely singing. I cannot live, breath or do anything without music ? I began my journey with music at the age of 7 and when I moved to Dallas to work in the salon I also went to college and majored in music performance. After college I went on to perform in a couple bands and work with Linda Septien, one of the top vocal coaches in the nation. Little did I know Linda would be so instrumental in my musical journey now. Life is funny that way!

I have been hairdresser and singer in Dallas now for 30 years. I am always developing my skills as a hairdresser and as a singer. I am an advocate for great health and personal development in every way. I love to give people tips on many things from hair, makeup, lashes, healthy recipes and working out. No matter what it is, I give these tips with love! I call those tips " Kristiology",

If you want to have an incredible hairdo, have fun doing it and maybe a song or two then I'm your girl!