It’s Not Always the Most Talented who Succeeds in the Music Industry

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Welcome back to so very Kristi. It’s so glad you decided to tune in with us this week. Every week we gonna be bringing you some amazing guests, some Kristiology Tips.

And I always like to close the show with a song for the soul, because singing I just love to staying. It’s in my blood. I have been doing it for a long time and I just can’t help myself.

I am so excited to have Gens Johnson co-host of my show. And We have an amazing guest today ‘Linda Septien’, President & CEO of Septien Entertainment Group. She is a music artist development professional with 25+ years of experience, whose success is measured by the number of successful pop icons she has prepared, trained and helped launch into thriving careers.

The Krisitiology Tips for the show is “Did it Work”. Watch the show to know about this.

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