If there’s a DEAL out there why not use it!

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Today’s show we will find out how and where to find DEALS on almost anything. We will be discussing this with the amazing Andrea Knoche aka… Fanny Frugal and my dear friend and transformational leader Gens Johnson!

Thank you for subscribing to my Kristiology tips. Every week on my show, BEAUTICIANS and MUSICIANS,I will be bringing you everything from how to get luxury services at the BEST PRICE to the Who’s, What’s, When and Where to find the BEST in all services related to beauty, as well as, providing entertainment along the way!!

TI love singing and have been performing since I was about 7 years old. I love to promote other Musicians on the show and sing a Song for the Soul each week at the end!!! If you have any song requests I’d love to hear them …😃

Do watch the complete podcast and enjoy the show.

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