How she made it from Ranch to the Runway!

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Hello Everyone and welcome back to So Very Kristi. We have an amazing show in store for you today because we are back in black. I would even plan this, I know it’s great. We have Gens Johnson over here. She is an incredible transnational coach and she’s my coach and she also facilitates a mastermind that I am part of. That has really instrumental in me doing.

In this show, we have got an incredible guest Avonlea over here. She is an amazing songwriter and we will know how she made it from Ranch to the Runway.

With all chit-chat, there is a Kristiology tip for you. This week you will learn ‘Quick tips on Curling Your Hair with a Wand’. There are multiple ways to wand your hair.

And in last, there is a Song for the Soul for you “Dreams”.

Do watch this amazing podcast now and enjoy!!

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