Fun with Amazing Guests ‘Gens Johnson and Donnie Phillips’

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Hi everyone, welcome to my show ‘So Very Kristi’. I am Kristi Phillips. I am so so much excited that you are joining us today. In this show, we bring you some really fun stuff. In every show, we used to get some fun tips and kristiology tips.

I am also gonna have some amazing guests on this show. Could be someone with whom I am working, who inspire me and I feel she will inspire you, ‘Gens Johnson’. She is an incredible transnational coach and she’s my coach also. She also facilitates a mastermind that I am part of that has really instrumental in me doing.
As the other guest, the women with whom I spend so much time, my lovely mama ‘ Donnie Phillips’.

In the show we have discussed about the Gens career and my life from my moms words.

I always love to close the show with a song. The Song for the Soul for you “Mama’s Tribe”.

Do watch this amazing podcast now and enjoy!!

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