Elevate Your Personal Style | So Very Kristi show with ‘Deborah Thorne’

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Hello Everyone! and welcome back to So Very Kristi. I am Kristi Phillips host of the show. I have my partner here also Gens Johnson. Hope everyone out there had an amazing Thanksgiving. I know I did I had a great Thanksgiving.

Today In my show, we bring you some really fun stuff. Today we have ‘Deborah Thorne‘, Personal Stylist at Glitz Glam Jewels.
It’s not about brand, It’s all about Style and Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear!

Women need and want to feel beautiful. Whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday look you are going for, we always strive to look and feel our best.
In the show, Deborah will tell you How to Elevate Your Personal Style.

I’m gonna be singing a Christmas song called ‘Please Come Home for Christmas‘.

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