An Inspirational journey of Campbell Crates – From Songwriter to Performer

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On this show of So Very Kristi, we welcome a very talented guest Campbell Crates to talk about her musical journey. Campbell is a sixteen year old singer, songwriter and actress who also enjoys performing stand-up comedy.

Her boundless energy and infectious laugh definitely distinguish her, as do the entertaining stories and perspectives she shares with fans through the lyrics of her soul music. She writes a lot of her songs to go along with her piano playing, but also really enjoys the ukulele and guitar.

During the show, she discuss about how she is handling Hollywood, a singing career, school, friends and family! She also sang her brand new single on the show!

And there is a kristiology tip also for you. Kristiology Tips of the Week is :-

• How to teach your child to floss their teeth.

Do watch this amazing podcast and enjoy!!

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