About Me

About Me

About Me

As a child I used to spend several weeks in the summer at my grandmother Gertie’s beauty salon in Shawnee Ok. I loved the pink lace comb-out capes and the smell of the beauty salon! I could be entertained for hours putting brush rollers in Uncle Ed’s hair, boy was he patient!!! I began my passion for hair and makeup at the age of 15 when I decided to attend Beauty School while finishing high school. At 17 I went on to continue my education and work at “A Head of its Time” in Dallas, Texas.

I’ve always known I have two passions. The other one is definitely singing. I cannot live, breath or do anything without music. I began my journey with music at the age of 7.  When I moved to Dallas to work in the salon, I also went to college and majored in music performance. After college I went on to perform in a couple of bands and work with Linda Septien, one of the top vocal coaches in the nation. Little did I know Linda would be so instrumental in my musical journey now. Life is funny that way!

I have been a hairdresser and singer in Dallas now for 30 years. I am always developing my skills as a hairdresser and as a singer. I am an advocate for great health and personal development in every way. I love to give people tips on many things from hair, makeup, lashes, healthy recipes and working out. No matter what it is, I give these tips with love! I call those tips “Kristiology”,

If you want to have an incredible hairdo, have fun doing it and maybe a song or two, then I’m your girl!

I love So Very Kristi salon. Kristi has done wonders with my hair. I
remember when I first met her she came out to me and said you need to let me
do your hair and I said well what would you do with it. So I just let her
do whatever she thinks. It looks good and I get so many compliments so you
need to find her too.

Cheryl Massey

So Very Kristi for almost 20 years and so that, will tell you why I’m tough
because she is great and she is fun and she does a great job.

She has managed to make me look good for a long long time so sign up and

Lewis Duff

I love So Very Kristi salon and I love Kristi because she took my hair from
being very damaged it was brassy it was dry and it was short, it wasn’t
growing. She has just made it more healthy, conditioned.
It’s really awesome, it’s soft and I just love the fact that she worked with
my schedule.
She is amazing and we talk about all kinds of fun stuff in her salon and
she helps it just to be more youthful, thicker too. She is just the sweetest
girl ever I love her.

Terri Rivera

Kristi has been a genuine friend and business partner for more than 5 years now. She is so versatile in her creativity and talents, whether styling your hair and makeup, singing a beautiful love song or sparking ideas for your personal and professional life! She has worked very hard to grow personally and professionally especially these last few years and it shows in every aspect of her life. Kristi has infectious energy, love, happiness and curiosity. Being a part of her life is always exciting!

Karen Liszt